Cultivation conditions


Rose fields with a total area of 40 ha are located in the vicinity of the village of Deszk. The majority of the fields are owned by our company. It is alluvial soil high in organic matter. Its average corn yield is 10 to 12 tons per hectare.


The climate of Szeged

The climate is sub-Mediterranean with hot summers and usually mild winters.

The continental climate is dominant in Hungary and this is true for the locality of Szeged as well but the weather extremities are more frequent here. The average yearly temperature is 11.2 °C, the precipitation is 520 mm, based on the weather data of the last 100 year. It is the sunniest area of Hungary, more than 2100 hours of sunshine that’s why Szeged is often called City of Sunshine.

Source: Hungarian Meteorological Service


The precipitation is low, so the activities can be well planned in the whole year but the area needs watering. Sprinkler irrigation, preserving the plants, is applied, using own cistern.


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